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Smart Watch for Kids with Calling Function, Q55A

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Smart watch for children with video call function, 4G + GPS + LBS + WiFi location and SOS button.


The design and durability of the case are adapted to children.

The features are tailored to the needs of children and focus on parent-child relationships and child safety.

It takes up to 72 hours to charge the battery. in normal use.

Smart management through the Leefine app:

Calls: A SIM card can be inserted in the watch so that children can communicate with their parents anytime, anywhere.

Video calls: The clock allows you to make video calls so you can see your children interacting with them.

Location: The watch has several location methods (GPS, LBS, WiFi). Parents can track the whereabouts of their children in real time using the app.

Location History: You can record a history of where your child has passed and where they have been.

Voice chat: The clock and the app can send messages to each other to improve communication between children and their parents.

Safe Zone: The app allows you to set a safe zone for your child. When the child leaves this zone, the watch will send a message to the app.

Do Not Disturb: If this feature is enabled, the watch will automatically block all incoming calls during a lesson or workout.

SOS: Double-tapping the power button sends a message that the child needs help.

Other features of the smart watch: alarm clock, phone book, camera.

Water resistance: splash resistant, you can wear it on rainy days, but remove it before bathing or showering.


Processor: ASR 3603.

RAM and ROM: 16MB and 24MB.

Navigation: GPS + LBS + WiFi.

Sim card type: Nano SIM card.

Screen: IPS 1.44 inches in diameter, 240x240.

Camera: 300,000 pixels.

Battery: 600 mAh, lithium polymer.

Water resistance: IPX7

Size: 58x43x16.5 mm.

Weight: 50 g.

Color: blue.

Charging cable included.

Warranty: 24 months

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