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Acrylic Marker Pens ARRTX, 32 Colours

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High-quality ARRTX acrylic paint marker pens set of vibrant colors is designed for painting on different surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, canvas, fabric, metal, ceramics, plastic, wood, rock and more. The set includes 32 markers. The markers are safe, odourless, acid-free and water-based. This set is a good gift for children, students, artists, everyone who loves DIY craft projects. You will no longer be bound by the material.


Smooth inkling and excellent coverage on different surfaces.

Dual tip design meets different painting needs: the 3.2 mm brush tip and the 1.9 mm extra fine tip for details.

Blends perfectly, so you can get beautiful color effects.

Dries quickly and leaves no stains during use.

UV-resistant and long-lasting.

The markers are packaged in a unique two-tier box, neatly arranged for easy carrying.

Notes: Markers are water-based, so colors may vary slightly depending on the type of surface used. For best results, it is recommended to keep the markers in a horizontal position, and close the caps immediately after use to prevent evaporation.

Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age, with adult supervision only. Do not expose the marker marker to direct sunlight.

Set includes:

Markers pens x 32.

Box x1.

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