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Magnetic USB Type-C - VGA Adapter, 1080P, 60Hz

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Magnetic USB Type-C - VGA converter adapter, 1080P, 60Hz


The USB Type-C to VGA adapter allows you to connect USB Type-C devices to the VGA port.

The VGA connector is a digital display interface standard for connecting audio and video equipment.

HD 1080P (1920 × 1080 pixels) resolution is supported.

Adapter can be used to connect a computer to a display or home theater system.

The magnetic adapter protects the contacts of your devices from wear and tear or mechanical damage.

The strong magnetic force ensures fast, convenient and safe connection/disconnection.

Technical specifications:

Connector 1: USB Type-C (M), magnetic.

Connector 2: VGA (F).

Signal type: digital audio/video.

Supported resolution: 1080P / 60Hz.

Adapter size: 37x13x27+6 mm.

Color: black.

Warranty: 12 months.

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