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Solar Powered Toy "Solar Rover"

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The building kit "Solar Rover" is an educational toy powered by solar energy.

It's a DIY building kit, a toy and educational tool in one. It allows children to spend time creatively, stimulates their imagination and teaches them how to use solar energy.
As soon as the solar panel supplies the robot with solar energy, the planetary gear starts to rotate, and the rover starts to run.
The all-terrain vehicle does not require batteries and is robust enough to move over rough terrain.
The 6-wheel mechanical suspension of this rover allows you to traverse rocky, uneven terrain with the greatest of ease, and the 4-wheel-drive system provides the momentum an all-terrain vehicle needs.
Fantastic Planetary gears transmission system (where 3 gears rotate around the central gear like planets around the Sun) is placed under a transparent cover so that the child can observe its operation.
The robot head and adjustable robotic arms add more playfulness and fun for children to play and learn.
This educational toy provides a lot of mechanical knowledge and is suitable for technology lessons at school or building at home with parents.
This construction kit promises pure assembly fun. The kit requires a beginner’s level of skill to put together the plastic pieces thanks to the detailed step-by-step illustrated manual. Children under 14 may need adult supervision. Download the assembly guide by clicking the link below.
The model will not require any complicated tools, just diagonal cutter or scissors to cut out the parts from the frame.
The rover can work automatically or manually, there is a switch button. In automatic mode, both rover and planetary gears runs automatically. In manual mode transmission
planetary gears keep running, but rover will only run by being pushed manually.
If the toy doesnot run smoothly, please check if all burrs are cut thoroughly.
The Solar Rover runs best under direct sunlight, for indoor fun use a 50W halogen light.
Note: The product will not run on a cloudy day, shaded locations or under a fluorescent light.
Solar-powered toys offer a fantastic way to introduce children to the benefits of green power and renewable energy.

The set includes:
Model pieces.
Solar panel.

Technical data:
Model size: 120x100x80 mm.
Material: plastic.
Weight: 170 g.
Box dimensions: 210x180x70 mm.

Recommended age: from 14 years old or for children from 8 years old with adult supervision.

Attention: contains small parts, keep away from children under 3 years old!

Download the assembly manual in English

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