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Solar and Hydraulic Powered Toys Kit 12in1

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The building kit "12in1" is an educational solar and hydraulic powered toy which can be transformed into twelve different animals and mechanic robots. This educationally valuable kit provides mechanical knowledges, introduces the advantages of alternative green energy and provides simplified concepts of interactive, bio-inspired and robotic technologies.


It's a DIY building kit, a toy and educational tool in one. It allows children to spend time creatively and explore solar and hydraulic energies.

Combining these two power, these adorable robots can move easily and also provide great interaction with kids.

Every model features multitude of functional and biomimicry movements and unique modeling.

Cars don't just run, but smartly avoid obstacles or perform specific functions.

Animal models are referred to natural animals which include its most obvious characteristic, such as elephant's trunk and pteranodon's wing.

Some models roll their eyes and/or move their paws. While the children are playing with them, they can realize the function of these characteristic and observe how they work. For more, the children can use their own infinite imagination to create a brand new species.

The solar and hydraulic powered robot can be transformed into twelve different animals and mechanic robots.

Models list:

Obstacle-avoiding rover - the car runs forward and turns the other way when blocked by objects.

Forklift - runs forward and moves up/down the forks.

Monkey - climbs when hanging on a rope.

Ostrich - goes forward and moves head.

Excavator - runs and moves the crane.

Scorpion - moves forward, twists pincers and tail as if to sting.

Master and dog - the master goes forward, waving his arms, and the puppy follows behind.

Elephant - goes forward by moving the trunk up/down.

The car - runs and turns.

Crocodile - goes forward and opens/closes its mouth.

Pterosaur - movies up/down the wings as if flying.

Tyrannosaurus - goes forward and moves its jaws.

A detailed illustrated manual accompany the assembly of each model step by step. Children under 14 will need adult assistance. No complicated tools required, only diagonal cutter, screwdriver, cup of water and tissue paper. Download the assembly manual by clicking the link below.

The toys work best in direct sunlight, but can also work indoors using strong artificial light (50W halogen lamp).

Note: The product will not run on a cloudy day, shaded locations, indirect sunlight, or under a fluorescent light.

Solar and hydraulic powered toys are a great way to introduce children to the benefits of green power and renewable energy. This educational tool empower the next generation to become environmentally conscious citizens who can make a positive impact on the world.

A brief overview of assembly

All models require three main drive components, which are a solar module, a gearbox and a hydraulic module. They need to be assembled and tested before the robots are built.

The solar module is attached by the stickers, the gear box requires careful alignment of the gears. The hydraulic module consists of cylinders filled with water and a soft tube connecting them; water pressure forces the pistons to move. This module may not work due to excess air or water leakage. Before assembly check the air condition in the cylinder and water if necessary.

Cut the plastic pieces from the frame with the help of diagonal cutter when they are required, do not cut them in advance.

Use the original box and the included cardboard divider for sorting and storage of all the parts.

Follow the assembly manual step by step. It shows what mistakes are to avoid in order to run smoothly the robots.

The set includes:

Models details.

Solar panel.

Motor with connectors.

Oil bag for hydraulic module.


Soft tube.


Gears, screws and other mechanical parts.

Cardboard divider.

Assembly manual.

Technical data:

Number of models: 12.

Solar panel size: 40x50 mm.

Weight: 300 g.

Certificates: CE, RoHS.

Box dimensions: 370x230x80 mm.

Recommended age: from 14 years old or for children from 8 years old with adult supervision.

Attention: contains small parts, keep away from children under 3 years old!

Download the assembly manual in English

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