Laser Tape Measurer 60m/5m

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Laser distance measuring tape 2-in-1, 60m/5m


It's 60m laser range electronic distance meter and self-locking ruler 5m.

The 2-in-1 laser tape measurer can measure length, height, width, area and volume, and this model also has a real person voice broadcasting function.

A laser distance meter is a widely used tool in construction, home and household that indirectly measures distances and performs calculations.

Purpose: to measure the perimeters, areas and volumes of a room or object. It does not perform Pythagorean theorem based calculations.

Continuous measurement function: The laser is switched on continuously and the device measures the distance to the point to which the laser is directed.

The bright laser point of the meter will be easily noticeable in both light and dark hours of the day, making it easy to measure the required data.

LCD three-line display with battery level indication.

Compact design, durable housing. Self-locking tape allows distance measurements up to 5m. Suitable for belt attachment, with carrying strap.

IP54 protection class: dust and splash proof.

Warning: laser radiation - avoid direct eye exposure.


Lithium battery.

Large numbers.

LCD FSTN display.

Distance / area / volume measurement.

Single / continuous measurement.

Units switch m / ft / in.

Benchmark selectable.

Buttons/keys sound.

Voice broadcasting function.


Max. laser measuring distance: 60m.

Measurement accuracy +/- 2mm.

Laser type: 630-670nm, <1mW.

Max. tape measuring distance: 5m.

Battery: rechargeable lithium battery.

Protection class: IP54.

Operating temperature: 0°C ~ + 40°C.

Storage temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C.

Automatic laser off: 30s.

Automatic device switch-off: 120s.

Size: 80x42x78mm.

Weight: 260g.

The set includes: lazer distance tape, rechargeable lithium battery, USB Type-A to USB Type-C charging cable, hand strap.

Warranty: 24 months.

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