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Faraday Box - Signal Blocker for Phone, Car Keys, ID Cards

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Faraday box - signal blocker for phone/ car keys/ ID cards


The box works on the principle of a Faraday cage: like a shield, it blocks electromagnetic waves.

It does not send any signals itself and does not affect other electrical devices outside.

Thanks to Michael Faraday's discovery, many devices in our daily lives protect us from the harmful effects of waves or electrical discharges (such as cables, microwave ovens, cars, airplanes etc.).

This box is designed for a small mobile phone. Just put your phone into it, and you can temporarily isolate yourself from calls and SMS messages. Its size makes it suitable not only for phones, but also for multiple car keys, ID cards, memory cards and electronic products with storage media. It is also a car key cover that provides full protection and safety of your vehicle.

The Faraday box blocks all signals: mobile, radio frequency, Bluetooth, wireless internet, etc.

This box protects against electromagnetic radiation and static electricity (it is favored and loved by pregnant women to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus), and blocks mobile signals for unwanted calls.

And more: Faraday box respects your privacy and prevents information leakage: no one can track and locate you through the mobile phone, no one can steal the conference content through the mobile phone, and no one can steal or destroy information on your phone.

The box also works also as anti-degaussing: all kinds of memory cards and electronic products with storage media are placed in the shielding box to prevent degaussing, protect the data information stored therein, and avoid the interference of electromagnetic fields and prevent data loss.

Elegant and secure, closed by a lock.


Dimensions: 173x122x93mm.

Weight: 360g.

Colour: black.

Signal blocking: RFID, Bluetooth, 4G connection, Wifi, GPS, GSM, etc.