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Battery XIAOMI Redmi 8a

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These batteries have a shorter charging time and longer service life. Batteries do not have a “memory effect” so the phones can be charged at any user-friendly time. Charge faster - use longer - feel safer!

The battery is protected against overcharging, overheating and ignition.
Optimally selected discharge parameters maximize battery capacity.

Compatible mobile phone models:
Xiaomi Redmi 8a.
Xiaomi Redmi MZB8458IN
Xiaomi Redmi M1908C3KG
Xiaomi Redmi M1908C3KH.
Xiaomi Redmi 8.
Xiaomi Redmi M1908C3IC.
Xiaomi Redmi M1908C3IG.
Xiaomi Redmi M1908C3IE.
Xiaomi Redmi M1908C3IH.
Xiaomi Redmi M1908C3II.

Note: the list of compatible batteries and smartphones may be not complete. In case of doubt, always ask a consultant for advice.

Compatible part numbers:

Capacity: 5000 mAh.
Type: Li-ion.
Voltage: 3.85 V.

Warranty: 12 months.

Important information! Waste batteries and accumulators must be disposed of into specially marked containers.

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