Защитное стекло

Защитное стекло APPLE iPhone 15 / 15 Plus (черный)

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Lens shield with black frames for Apple iPhone 15 / 15 Plus camera lenses. This protective glass is made from tempered glass and reaches 9H according to Mohs. Lens shield is designed to protect phone cameras from mechanical damage, such as bruises or scratches left by sharp objects. Protective glass with metal frames fully cover the camera lens.

9H hardness on the Mohs scale. Tempered glass is a glass sheet, heated close to the melting point and suddenly cooled, its resistance after this procedure becomes 9 times higher than that of ordinary glass due to the chemical and physical properties of the material and the process itself.

Safe use. Shatter-proof. If broken, this screen protector cracks into small pieces that are held within the film. They are not sharp, making it safer than other glass.

The use of protective glasses for camera lenses does not affect the photography.

Specially designed for camera lenses. High transparency of protective tempered glass. Enhanced light penetration rate. Reduced light reflection.

Set includes:
Lens shield x2.
Screen protector cleaning kit.

Apple iPhone 15.
Apple iPhone 15 Plus.