Аккумуляторы смартфонов

Аккум. Sony Xperia X F5121 (LIP1621ERPC)

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Charge faster - use longer - feel safer! High-quality Extra Digital lithium-ion batteries with shorter charging times and longer battery life. These batteries do not suffer from the "memory effect" (decreasing cell capacity during charging when the cell is not fully discharged), so phones can be charged at any time convenient for the user.

Thanks to the unique microcontrollers built into the batteries:
- The battery is protected against overcharging, overheating and ignition;
- Optimal selection of discharge parameters to maximise battery capacity.

Fits the following Sony phone models
Sony Xperia X F5121
Xperia X Dual F5122
Xperia L1 G3311
Xperia L1 Dual G3312
Xperia L1 G3313

Battery is suitable for use as a replacement for the original Sony LIP1621ERPC battery.

Technical data:
Capacity: 2700mAh
Cell Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 3.8V

Important information!
Dispose of unsuitable batteries and accumulators in the designated containers, which are marked with a battery/accumulator collection label.

Note: The list of compatible batteries and phones may not be complete. In case of doubt, always consult a consultant.

Warranty: 12 months.

Gamintojas: Extra Digital