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Зарядное устройство ACEFAST GaN 2x USB-C, USB-A, 65W, PD3.0, QC4.0

Доступность: Доступен, SKU: A45
Charger Acefast Cherry Blossom GaN3 2x USB Type-C, 1x USB Type-A, PD3.0, QC4.0, 65W.

Wall charger with two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port, fast 65W charging function.
Supports fast charging standards: PD3.0, PD2.0, QC4.0+, QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, iP 2.4A, DCP 1.5A and others.
Fast charging via USB Type-C connector is suitable for smartphones, tablets and even laptops (such as iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Huawei, Samsung, etc.) and other USB Type-C and Type-A interface devices.
Three ports allow you to quickly charge up to 3 devices at the same time.
The GaN 3rd generation charger provides the best charging performance using GaN (gallium nitride) technology. It is 30% smaller and lighter than conventional chargers of this capacity. In addition, it can intelligently adjust the output voltage, current and power distribution according to the number of connected devices.
AI2.0 intelligent temperature control protects your devices from overheating.
Multi-level protection: effective protection against short circuit, over voltage, over current, electromagnetic fields and overload.
Made of fire resistant and durable materials.
Unusual colorful and transparent design that allows you to see the inside of the device.

Technical specifications:
Connections: 2x USB Type-C, 1x USB Type-A.
Input voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz (1.5A).
USB Type-C1: DC 3.3V-21V (3A) PPS; 5V (3A) / 9V (3A) / 12V (3A) / 15V (3A) / 20V (3.25A); max 65W.
USB Type-C2: DC 3.3V-21V (3A) PPS; 5V (3A) / 9V (3A) / 12V (3A) / 15V (3A) / 20V (3.25A); max 65W.
USB Type-A: 5V (3A) / 9V (2A) / 10V (2A) / 12V (1.5A); max 20W.
USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A: 45W+18W; max 5V (3.6A).
USB-C1+USB-C2: 45W+20W.
USB-C1+USB-A: 45W+18W.
Power: max. 65W.
Dimensions: 96x54.5x33.5mm.
Weight: 147g.
Color: pink.
Material: ABS.

Suitable for:
Smart phones.
Digital electronics and other devices.

Warranty: 24 months.