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Магнитное беспроводное зарядное устройство CHOETECH, 15 Вт, белое...

Доступность: Доступен, SKU: T580-F
Magnetic Wireless Charger, 15W/ 10W /7.5W (iPhone 14).

The magnetic phone charger is compatible with iPhone 14/13/12, exactly matches the magnet ring inside the phone, no need to stick the metal plate!
The charger uses QI technology by magnetic induction, and the LED indicator light shows if the charging is successful.
Up to 5 charging modes depending on the device: 15W, 10W, 7.5W, 5W and 2.5W.
Ultra-thin and lightweight, strong magnet grip, non-slip surface.
Convenient to use while charging without waiting for your phone to charge.
Smart chip integrated inside for better temperature control, protection against overvoltage, short circuit, overheating, etc.
Designed to charge iPhone 14/13/12 phones without a case, but compatible with other phone models in a MagSafe magnetic case or with phones/cases with a metal plate.
All Qi-enabled phones or headphone cases can be charged simply by placing them on the charger.

Interface: USB Type-C.
Cable length: 1 m.
Input: 9V / 2.22A.
Charging power: 15W (max).
Dimensions: 60mm diameter x 5.5mm.
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS, Qi.
Material: ABS.
Colour: white.

Warranty: 24 months.