ANPR automatic license plate recognition system


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The LPR box HYDRA is a stand-alone device for license plate recognition.


LPR boxes are autonomous devices based on a quad-core processor and Linux OS for automatic barrier control and car license plate recognition. High-speed recognition algorithms reduce the time for the checkpoint automating.

LPR BOX HYDRA hardware for barrier control and vehicle license plate recognition allows automating the entrance/exit area for the bidirectional checkpoint without additional equipment. A relay for controlling an external device is supplied in the kit.

Works with 4 IP cameras at the checkpoint or 2 IP cameras and IR sensors of entry and exit.

License plates capture and identification. Recognition accuracy over 98%. Recognition of license plates in more than 35 countries of the world and the ability to add new ones. Recognition of colored license plates.

Real-Time Streaming Protocol support. WEB application for configuration and monitoring. Online monitoring of the number of vehicles entering and leaving the country. Remote control and alerts via Telegram.

External data storage (HDD) can be connected.

Autonomous operation without a PC.

Visual confirmation of number plate recognition and vehicle entry into the parking space.

Black and white lists of vehicle numbers. Online system with green or red frame indicating whether the vehicle is allowed to enter or not. This gives you a quick indication of whether the vehicle is whitelisted. In automatic mode, a parking space limit can be set to control the flow of cars.

Whitelisting of group license plates and prohibition of group passage.

Easily produce reports by specific number plate, time or selected period (vehicle and number plate screenshot, arrival/departure time) with the possibility to export in xlsx csv format.

Small overall dimensions. Solid and durable housing, with VESA 75x75 mounts.

Easy installation.

Easy installation.



Entrance to courtyard, to garage.


Technical specification:

CPU: Quad-core Cortex A7.

Number of channels: 4.

Compression algorithm: H.264.

Detection speed: until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Resolution: 1080p@30fps.

Audio: Audio channel.

Security: Password protection.

Control: 4 relay outputs.

Network Interface: 10/100 Ethernet RJ45.

Memory card: MicroSD up to 32Gb.

Video Output: HDMI.

USB: USB 2.0.

Relay: 10A 250V AC.

Power supply: 5V DC.

Warranty: 24 months.

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