Keyboard ASUS: F52, K50, K50C, K50IJ, K50IN

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Notebook keyboard ASUS: F52, K50, K50C, K50IJ, K50IN.

Compatible with:


Asus F52;

Asus F52A;

Asus F52K;

Asus F52Q;

Asus K50;

Asus K50A;

Asus K50AB;

Asus K50AD;

Asus K50AE;

Asus K50AF;

Asus K50C;

Asus K50E;

Asus K50i;

Asus K50iD;

Asus K50ID;

Asus K50IE;

Asus K50iE;

Asus K50IJ;

Asus K50iJ;

Asus K50IL;

Asus K50iL;

Asus K50IN;

Asus K50iN;

Asus K50IP;

Asus K50iP;

Asus K50X;

Asus K50ZE.

NOTE: The list of compatible models may be incomplete.

Technical specification:

Type: US

Color: black

Warranty: 6 months.