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Manual-Lifting Height Adjustable Kids Desk and Full-Backrest Chair Set

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Manual-Lifting Height Adjustable Kids Desk and Full-Backrest Chair Set

Height-adjustable kids table and chair set, suitable for children from 3 to 14 years of age (approx. 110-170 cm tall), manual-lifting height adjustable.

It is ergonomically designed desk with adjustable chair that accompany your kid's growth. The desk height is adjustable from 54 to 76 cm, the chair height is adjustable from 32 to 44 cm, and the backrest reaches 67-79 cm. Maximum table load 75kg, chair load 100kg.
The desk even equiped with a multi-functional table slot, which can be compatiable with a LED light.
You don’t have to worry about your child’s growth anymore. Adjust the height of the desk and chair according to the height of the child. As the children grow up, keep raising them to achieve a perfect figure. Desk height designed to sit comfortably and position correctly, which is also important for maintaining good health, and helps prevent spinal deformity and vision disorders. The seat and back of the chair are comfortably shaped. In accordance with the advice of pediatricians, the chair does not have armrests so that the child does not lean or twist.
The inclined desktop up to 40° supports better visual effects and is ideal for reading, writing and drawing. Anti-pinch stoppers protect your kid’s fingers when rotating the desk.
A convenient sliding storage drawer is designed to make writing utensils organized, easy to reach and keeps the desk clutter-free. Pencil holder allows to store desktop essentials within an easy reach.
The steel hook make easy to hang backpacks and other objects.
Chair features vented plastic surfacing to keep your child cool and comfortable.
The matte surface protects eyesight from glare and harmful light reflections.
The furniture is made of high-quality materials, the edges are protected against injuries and the rounded corners guarantee the safety of the child.
This set of kid's furniture meets all the needs of the young student and blends seamlessly into the kid's room interior.

Technical specifications:
Material: carbon steel (Q235), TPE, ABS, PP, MDF and E0 grade melamine.
Table dimensions: 664x493x546~766 mm.
Desktop size: 664x493 mm.
Tilting desktop size: 664x365 mm.
Desktop thickness: 15mm.
Table height: 540-760 mm.
Desktop inclination angle: 0~40°.
Tilt mechanism: rotary knob.
Table/chair height adjustment: manual lifting.
Chair height: 320-440 mm.
Maximum table load: 75kg.
Maximum chair load: 100 kg.
Storage drawer: 1.
Color: white/blue.
Weight: 14.9 kg.

Warranty: 12 months.

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