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EV Charging Cable Tesla - Type 2, 32A, 7.2kW, 1-fazė, 5m

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Charging cable for electric cars, Tesla NACS - Type 2, 32A, 7.2kW, 1-phase, 5m. Made of reliable materials, resistant to pressure, abrasion, light shocks, with IP44 protection class.


5 meter long charging cable.

Adapted for charging TESLA (USA) electric cars at European standard stations.

Lightweight and flexible, it is easy to transport.

Ergonomic design, easy to use.

Reliable and durable.

Technical data:

Max. charging current: 32A (1-phase).

Operating voltage: 250V AC.

Cable dimensions: 3x5.2mm²+2x0.8mm².

Cable length: 5 m.

Plug type: Tesla NACS.

Power connector: IEC 62196, Type 2 (European), Mennekes, 7 pins.

Operating temperature: from -30°C to +50°C.

Safety class: IP44.

Certificates: CE, TUV.

Color black

Suitable for the following electric cars from the USA:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model X

(The list may not be complete).

Warranty:24 months.

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