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CPU Cooler Freezer 7xCO

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Compact Multi-Compatible CPU Cooler for continuous operation Freezer 7xCO.

A worthy Freezer 7 Pro Successor: Better Price - Better Performance: the ARCTIC Freezer 7 X is a compact CPU cooler with one 92 mm fan. It is multi-compatible with common Intel® and AMD® sockets. It benefits from an improved heatsink design and a reworked heat pipe layout. In conjunction with the fan, which is optimised for high static pressure, ARCTIC has been able to significantly improve the cooling performance of Freezer 7 X.
Compatible with Intel® AMD® Sockets: the Freezer 7 X is compatible with all current desktop sockets from Intel® and AMD®. By using the mounting frame, simple installation is possible without a need to remove the mainboard.
More Efficient and Whisper Quiet: in addition to operating more quietly, even at maximum speed, the Freezer 7 X built-in fan motor is also much more efficient. The power consumption was reduced from 0.25 A to 0.07 A, which corresponds to an effective savings of 72 % in power consumption. ARCTIC engineers were also able to reduce the volume by 40 %, allowing the Freezer 7 X to run at a whisper-quiet 0.3 sone when at maximum speed.
Offset Heat Pipes Enable Optimal Heat Dissipation:
The direct touch heat pipes attached to the Freezer 7 X and an optimised design of the 44 cooling fins together ensure that the heat from the CPU can be ideally removed and released into the air.
Direct Touch Heat Pipes:
The Freezer 7 X uses direct touch heatpipes. This ensures that the heat to be dissipated is transferred directly to the heatpipes without an additional material layer, and transported into the heatsink via the pipes.

Heat pipe: Direct Touch 6 mm x 2.
Heatsink Material: Aluminum Fins x 44, storis: 0.4 mm.
Termo paste: MX-2 prie-applied.
Fan: 92mm.
Fan speed: 300-2000 rpm.
Connector: 4-Pin.
Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing.
Noice Level: 0.3 Sone.
Current/Voltage: 0.07 A/12 V.
Dimensions: 110.5x132.5x74.3mm.

LGA 1150.
LGA 1151.
LGA 1155.
LGA 1156.
LGA 775.

6 years.