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ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II - 240 A-RGB CPU Cooler, Black

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Processor cooler Liquid Freezer II - 240 with A-RGB lighting and LGA1700 mounting kit. The Liquid Freezer II series coolers are compatible with is compatible with with Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA115X, LGA2011-3, LGA2066 and the new AMD AM5, as well as the previous AM4, AM3+. With mounting kits for LGA1700 and AMD and thermo paste.

Liquid Freezer II RGB coolers combine the efficient, award-winning Liquid Freezer II PWM pump with new RGB fans optimized for static pressure. It is praised for its performance, price, quietness and aesthetic design.

The premium radiator is 38 mm. thick with high sheet density. This allows a larger amount of water to be used in the circuit and significantly increases the cooling surface area.
Water has a much higher heat capacity than aluminum or copper. This leads to a slower and an up to 5°C lower temperature increase in the time-limited turbo mode of modern CPUs.

The fan is PWM-controlled and can cool your voltage converters and the socket area almost inaudibly by up to 15°C especially in overclocking scenarios, with insufficient VRM cooling or in cases with low airflow and thus allows continuous high load. Provided there is sufficient VRM cooling, it can be turned off at will.

Fiber-reinforced 45 cm tubing allows for installation even in large cases and effectively prevents coolant evaporation, so you don't have to worry about refilling your compact water cooling system. Sophisticated cable management hides both the RGB and PWM cables of your radiator fans in the sleeving. This makes installation easy and tidy: you only have to connect two connectors to the mainboard, and there are no other cables to hide.

ARCTIC's new A-RGB fans allow for perfectly matched, multi-color lighting effects. With the help of the advanced A-RGB Gen.2 technology and customizable LEDs, you can design your system with your very own look.

New P series fans for better results:
Higher static pressure increases cooling efficiency.
Extended RPM range.
Lower energy consumption.
Less vibration.
Longer service life.
PWM for synchronous fan control.
High quality bearing.
A-RGB lighting effects.

VRM fan: 40 mm, 1000 - 3000 RPM.
Suction speed: 800 - 2000 RPM.
Power consumption: 0.5 W -2.7 W.
Plate material: Copper.
Thermo paste: MX-5 (0.8g).
Fan: 2x 120 mm.
Fan speed: 200-1800 RPM.
Connector: 4-Pin.
Bearing: fluid dynamic bearing.
Noise level: 0.3 Sone.
Voltage: 12 V DC.
Current: 0.08A.
Static pressure: 1.85 mm. H2O.
A-RGB lighting:
LED: 12 A-RGB LEDs per fan.
Connection: 3- Pin 5V-DI-Gnd.
Current: 0.4A.
Voltage: 5V.
Dimensions: Cooler: 277x120x38mm; Pump: 78x98x53 mm.
Weight: 1213g.
Color: black body, optional lighting.

AMD AM3 (+).
Intel 1700.
Intel 1200.
Intel 115X.
Intel 2011-3.
Intel 2066.

Warranty: 6 years.

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