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Fast Wireless Charging Pad CHOETECH, 15W, white

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Wireless Fast Phone Charging Pad, 15W/ 10W /7.5W (Airpods). With QC3.0 supporting USB Type-A to USB Type-C charging cable 1m

This charging pad was specially designed for Apple Airpods/ Airpods Pro, and perfectly fits the shape of their charging case. However, all Qi-enabled devices can be charged by simply placing them on the charging pad.
Smart charging optimally switches the modes depending on the device: 15W, 10W, 7.5W, 5W.
Max. 15W charging for Pixel 4/ 4XL, LG V50/ V40/ V30+/ V30 and Sony Xperia; 10W charging: Samsung Galaxy S20/ 20+/ S20 Ultra/ Note 10, etc.; 7.5W charging: iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 12/ 12 Pro/ 12Pro Max, etc.; 5W charging: AirPods 2/ AirPods Pro/ Galaxy Earbuds/ Earbuds+, Pixel Buds, etc.
The charging power is transmitted directly through protective cases.
Note: rubber, plastic, TPU cases under 5mm thickness are suitable. Magnetic and metal attachments or cards will interfere with charging.
Non-slip silicone pads on top and bottom help keep your phone in place even when vibrating.
Thanks to special openings, particularly good heat dissipation is ensured. Qi and ETL certified heat-dissipating metal and built-in Excellence smart chip protect the product from overheating, overcharging, short-circuiting and ensuring a safe and stable charging environment. Unique fireproof material and unique design create a wonderful user experience.
Minimal, compact design makes this wireless charging pad ideal for crowded desks, bedside tables and countertops.
The LED charging indicator shows the device recognition and connection, but turns off after 60s so as not to disturb your sweet sleep.
The charger uses Qi technology, which works by the method of magnetic induction.
A charging cable that supports QC3.0 fast charging standards is included.

Interface: USB Type-C.
Cable length: 1m.
Input: 5V - 12V / 2A.
Charging power: 15W (max).
Dimensions: 100 x 75 x 11 mm.
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS, Qi.
Material: zinc alloy, PC, silicone.
Colour: white.
Weight: 138g.

Warranty: 24 months.

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