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Charger CHOETECH USB Type-C + Type C cable, 18W, PD

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Choetech USB Type C Mains Charger, 18 W. With Quick Charge (PD) function and Type C to Type C charging cable.


Type C - Type C charging cable included.

Short circuit protection.

Overload protection.

High current protection.


Connection: USB Type-C.

Cables: Type C - Type C.

Input voltage: AC 100-240V - 50 / 60Hz (0.6A).

Output voltage: DC 5V (3A) / 9V (2A) / 12V (1.5A).

Power: 18W.

Color black.

Suitable for:

For smartphones.

For tablets.

For laptops.

Warranty: 24 months

Manufacturer: Choetech.

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