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Charger CHOETECH GaN USB Type-C + Type-C cable, 61W, PD

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The Choetech GaN USB C, PD charger provides the best charging performance with GaN (gallium nitride) technology. The charger has Power Delivery 3.0, which charges devices faster than other chargers on the market. Kit C - Type C charging cable included.


Compact - 50% smaller than conventional chargers of this capacity.

Efficient charging technology ensures extremely fast loading of devices.

Type C - Type C 1.8m charging cable included.

Short circuit protection.

Overload protection.

High current protection.


Connection: USB Type-C.

Cables: Type C - Type C, 1.8 m.

Input voltage: AC 100-240V - 50 / 60Hz (1.5A).

Output voltage: DC 5V (3A) / 9V (3A) / 12V (3A) / 15V (3A) / 20V (3A) / 20.3V (3A).

Power: 61W.

Color: black.

Suitable for:

For smartphones.

For tablets.

For laptops.

Warranty: 24 months

Manufacturer: Choetech.

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