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Car Charger USB 2.0+ USB 3.0: 12V-24V, 30W, QC3.0

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USB Car Charger with two USB ports. Phone Fast Quick Charging Power Adapter.


Dual USB maximum output 30W, can use QC 3.0 (18W) quick charge and 5V (2.4A) charge at the same time.

All metal shell with anodizing process, strong texture.


2 USB connectors: USB 2.0+USB 3.0 (30W Max).

Input Voltage: DC 12-24V (3A).

Output Voltage USB 2.0: DC 5V (2.4A).

Output Voltage USB 3.0: DC 3.6V-6V (3A) / 6V-9V (2.A) / 9.V-12V (1.5A).

Product Color: Titanium Grey.

Safety to Use:

Over current protection

Over voltage protection

Over temperature protection

Short circuit protection

Compatible with:

Smart phone.


Digital electronics and other devices.

Warranty: 12 month.

Manufacturer: Extra Digital.

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