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Silicone cable USB - USB-C (black, 2m)

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USB to USB-C cable for data syncing and battery charging of mobile devices. Any Safe USB charger could be used. Compatible with all devices with USB-C connector.

Cable specification:

* The outside coating is environmental silicone.

* The hardness of the silicone - shore hardness 40 degrees.

* The internal core is a stranded conductor, combined with the 5 transmissive wires.

* Data-transfer rate: 480 Mbps (USB 2.0).

Wires specification:

Transmission current positive and negative wires: 43x0,08mm AWG 24;

Transmission data positive and negative wires: 10x0,08mm AWG 30;

Axial Stretch Reinforcing Wire: Kevlar.

Cable length: 2 m

Warranty: 5 years

Manufacturer: Extra Digital, EU

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